Gwen: Coffee, Cakes, and Pasta

As some of you guys know, last Monday, October 17, I had my surgery for an impacted molar tooth which resulted to my face being half square and half oval for a week. I can barely open my mouth while eating – I swear the biggest it can open is an inch – and it sucks so bad. I had to chew everything I eat on the right side of my mouth only and I had to part my food bit by bit kasi nga.. hindi magkasya sa bibig ko. #SadLife

I was scheduled an appointment with my dentist this afternoon, finally removed the stitches and I am just so grateful na makakapag-toothbrush na ako ng ayos.. Hahahaha. After a week of intense suffering, I can eat whatever I want! (Almost.) Thank you, Lord!

To celebrate this good news, my Mom, brother and I decided to have a quick snack after at this newly opened café near SM Batangas, Gwen.

As far as I know, this is already their second branch and their first one is located at Alangilan. This branch is located across Bulwagan and Integrity Net; same building where Likkle (the bar and restau) is. This café has reserved parking spaces for customers which is good, as well.

That is what it looks like from the inside… Charot. Hahaha. I had to take interior photos when all the other guests had left so they wouldn’t look at me like I was some kind of NBI who’s taking photos of them. Naka-black pa naman ako. The café, as it seems, can accommodate many customers because they have a lot of seat and table inside.

It doesn’t look crowded, though. I didn’t actually think that this café would be spacious. It didn’t seem like it outside and I can say that I’m a bit surprised.

Pastry section

Once seated, a staff – whom I do not know ’cause they don’t have nametags on – gave us the menu and get back to other customers to take their orders. It was my first time at this café, doesn’t have any idea what their specialties are, and well.. You know me. The usual. I ordered carbonara.

I wanted to try the “Buttered Bacon” Hot Espresso Drink so bad ’cause I was really intrigued by it, but sadly, I can’t because of my surgery. I was really curious on how it would taste like so I asked their staff and she answered, “Masarap siya. Lasa siyang bacon na mainit. Na basta masarap siya, na-try ko na din siya.” Verbatim! Hahaha. Tapos sabi ko, “Ay ate, bawal pa ako mag-mainit, e.” She’s really friendly, though. She even asked their bartender if they could make a frappe for it but failed dahil hindi pwede kaya sad ako lalo.

Mom ordered Carbonara, as well, and for her drink, she had a Caramel Ice Blended Frappe. As for me, I had a Mudslide Mocha Frappucino.

Drinks were served first after quite a few minutes.

Caramel Frappe (P160)
Mudslide Mocha (P170)

Followed by our carbonara and fries.

Carbonara (P225)
Fries (P135) Yup, that’s already worth a hundred and thirty five pesos. I don’t understand, either!

Tastewise, the pasta was good! Very creamy, too! Pasta’s not dry and hindi siya ganun nakakaumay kainin. Maybe it’s because of the fries as our side dish na rin. Also, I don’t know if it’s just me na mahina kumain or the serving’s kind of for two. Their fries reminds me of KFC fries but crunchy. ‘Twas good, too. A little pricey for that portion, though.

Regarding with the frappucinos, their Caramel Frappe tasted like the usual caramel frappe; Mudslide Mocha’s okay, too. It’s not that sweet, if you’re wondering about it. Mom and Wel said it tasted like Nesquik; I said it tasted like Swiss Miss (with Nesquik.)

Overall, my first time dining with Gwen is okay. The food was great – a little pricey than other cafés here in the city, staff were very accommodating, location’s a check as well (bonus points because they have parking space) and the ambience was relaxing, too. They also have fast wifi connection! Good job!

Gwen Coffee, Cakes, and Pasta is open Mondays to Sundays, has free wifi, accepts cash and credit card, and is located at:

  • Molave St., Nueva Villa Subd., Alangilan, Batangas City. Opening hours: 10 AM – 10 PM
  • Pastor Road, Pallocan West, Batangas City. Opening hours: 9 AM – 12 AM. Contact #: (043) 741 3620. This is the branch where we ate today.

They also accept cake order for all occasions, caters dessert buffet, and accept bulk orders. For more inquiries, call or text +63 917 576 2672.

And before this blog ends!! Meet my gorgeous date on a Monday!

Another one added on my list for Project Carbonara: Which One’s Best in Batangas! Where to next? Comment down below! I’m thinking… Kaffeine? 😊

(Update 11/06/16: Kaffeine Café review now up on my blog. Click here!)

Love, Amielle

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