He Brews Café: Where Your Cup Never Runs Dry

As we all have noticed, café’s are booming everywhere. Personally if you would ask me, I’m not much of a coffee person. I drink coffee, café mocha (either be iced or hot) most of the time, but I’m not the drink-coffee-all-day-errday kind of girl. I prefer coffee more on rice than drinking it. #PromdiUnderstands

Anyway, there’s this café in Batangas City which is personally one of my favorites. I’ve been planning to blog about it since first quarter of the year but I never really had the time (wow time talaga? hahaha) to do it until now that I decided to give my blog my full attention. Yup, you read that right! Since I’m now officially unemployed, – mga two weeks ago lang – I decided to go back to my first love: writing. This is what I love and I just hope that I’ll stick to it this time. Also, if you have read my blog before this, I hope that you’re congratulating me for finally getting out of the stress that I am in. (If you wish to ask me more about it, I would be happy to talk to you about it honestlyhere.)

Back to what I’m saying, it’s called He Brews Café and they now have three branches around the area!

He Brews Café is the place you’re looking for if you just want to chill and hang out with your loved ones. I wouldn’t say it’s very cozy for their areas are quite small – the largest place they have is the one at Golden Country Homes in Alangilan – but I assure you that it’s not much of a bother. The ambience is relaxing already. Just make sure that if you really want to eat here, go before rush hour for you to have a seat. They can be full house especially at lunch or dinner time. Or kahit peak meryenda hours (kung may ganon hahaha).

They also offer variety of foods and drinks which are really delicious and budget friendly, as well.

Menu from their official FB account

Wel and I’s personal favorites are German Sausage Rice Meal (P65/P85), Carbonara Pasta (P80), and Potato Wedges (P80). When it comes to drinks, we both love Honey Lemonade (P60).

On Wel’s plate: German Sausage (Whole)
On my plate: Carbonara Pasta
For our drinks: Ice Blended Chocolate Chip

On our plates:
German Sausage Half & Whole — On this, you can choose between chili or cheesy for your sausage.
For our drinks: Our favorite Honey Lemonade! Because who doesn’t love lemonades?!


Wel and I both like this meal, too. Basically, it’s like pizza but on a quesadilla. Hahaha what! Sorry, I’m not really a pro food blogger, eh. Basta masarap! It has cheese, pineapples, green bell pepper inside. What makes it sooo good is its cheese.

On my plate: Carbonara Pasta
For drinks: Ice Blended Chocolate Chip
One of my favorites. I’m actually on a Project Carbonara: Which One’s Best on Batangas lately (and I hope you wait for that), and it ranks tie for first place with I’m-Not-Naming-Yet.

Potato Wedges

This one is always the snack that goes along with our meals. It’s not that salty (because I’ve tasted wedges that are immensely salty), seasoned very well, and fits perfectly with its dip.

On my plate: BBQ Liempo – It’s okay. I wouldn’t say it’s the best I’ve tasted but it’s not the worst, as well. For we all know, there are some liempos out there that are just too oily and greasy, you just want to lose your appetite. This is not that kind of liempo.
For drinks: Ice Blended Choco Mint

On my plate: Baked Cream Dory
Among all the meals I’ve tasted in this café, this one’s my least favorite. The title’s kind of misleading, too. It should have said Cheesy Baked Cream Dory because it’s just too full of cheese on top and in Tagalog, nakakaumay. I would have liked it better if it has less cheese on it or if it didn’t have any at all.

Their Chicken Lollipop servings are quite big too if you’re wondering about it. Wel also loved their He Brews Sandwich. He says that its dressing’s really good.

Regarding their service… Staff are okay. They’re really friendly and accommodating. Plus they’re always all smiles!! Wel and I have our favorite staff in their Lawas Branch ‘cause he’s just all positive plus he looks like he’s having fun at his job. We never had the chance to get his name tho because they don’t have nametags on. Food arrives fast and served hot, as well.

The only thing I would recommend is I hope their serving of rice on their meals are quite big. It’s just small, even for a not-so-heavy eater like me. I wouldn’t mind paying P5 or P10 more for that meal if that would make their serving of rice bigger. :)

Overall, I’m satisfied with this café and I will always come back every time I’m craving for potato wedge or carbonara. And before I forget, how could I not mention how beautiful their song choices are!! Whoever is behind that, I hope we become friends. I’m a big fan of Daniela Andrade, too.

He Brews Cafe is open Mondays to Sundays from 10 AM – 8 PM. No reservation needed, has free wifi (though I think it’s limited. Haven’t really used it that much. Talk!! Avoid using gadgets!), take outs are available, and accepts cash only. Locations are as follows:

  • Golden Country Homes, Alangilan, Batangas City – just across the chapel; near BSU. Contact #: (043) 425 0678
  • #43 P. Burgos St., Barangay 9 Poblacion, Batangas City – near KFC P. Burgos; beside Dra. Beh Ambida’s clinic. Contact #: (043) 984 5719
  • Mabini St. Corner, P. Burgos St., Brgy Poblacion 11, Batangas City – near Lawas; near Altin Pawnshop. This branch doesn’t have a lot of parking spaces, though. Contact #: (043) 984 5707

I also heard HeBrews is currently having a Buy 2 Get 1 Promo for their drinks! So, thirdwheelers, alam n’yo na, ha? Promo runs until December 2016.


Love, Amielle

Any thoughts?

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