Monte Maria Restaurant: Most Surreal Place I’ve Been To

People who’s been here knows how breathtakingly beautiful this place is. It’s my favorite to-go place every time I want to relax or just chill and think about life. Monte Maria just gives you this pure serendipity that you just want to stay here a little longer.

Let me take you to the most surreal place in my very own Batangas. If you haven’t visited Monte Maria in quite a long time… Then you should. Why?


Inside this building is where you’ll find your heart’s best view. ❣
The lobby

I’m telling you. I could go on and on and on here just to say that this place is so beautiful. Sobrang worth it lahat. Imagine eating with that kind of view. Superb!! Sobrang grabe, bigla mong maiisip na gusto mo nang mag-propose ‘yung boyfriend mo sa’yo in that specific moment.


But seriously, they also serve good food! Price range is just like Max’s or Gerry’s Grill’s so very affordable pa.

Lumpiang Shanghai & Fish Fillet in Tartar Sauce (You can choose from three dips – tartar, sweet & sour, and I forgot the other one. Hehe sorry.)

Lechon Kawali

Pancit Canton


Masarap talaga siya, legit. Lalo na kung mahilig ka sa mga lutong bahay. Walang halong biro ‘yun. They also have chairs upstairs if you want to eat outside and smell and feel Batangas’ fresh air.

Ganda ‘di ba? It looks like a very big landscape picture lang posted on a wall but it’s not. Pictures above doesn’t actually give much justice kaya mas maganda pa rin na in person niyo maexperience ‘yung naranasan ko.


The most amazing grandma and parentals on Earth.

Sabi ko nga, this is one of my favorite places here in Batangas and I’m looking forward to blog about the other ones some other time soon. ‘Til next time! I hope wherever you are, you’re having a great day. Smile! :)

Amielle ❤️

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