Manila International Book Fair: My First Ever Book Fair!

Today’s the day I have been waiting for! This is the week all bookworms have been waiting for! Manila International Book Fair is a yearly event for all book lovers where known bookstores are selling some (or most) of their books on a discount. 10-50% discount and it’s a deal!


I am grateful to have Wel and Rica (a close friend and a solid book lover, as well) and it’s all our first time to be here. Upon arriving at the venue, Rica and I both went our separate ways first so we can roam around and find the books we wanted. Wel  – on the hand – is of course, the most supportive boyfriend as ever carrying all my books for me (he volunteered) while I am having a hard time choosing and budgeting) which books to buy.


Sorry, I don’t really have much photos from the event because hello!! I’d rather choose books first than photograph everything. Hahaha. You can see more of those on the internet. How crowded it is, how there are authors from a different part of the world who’s having her booksigning, how there are local artists promoting other stuff, too. But mostly, books. All you will see are books.

We had pizza for lunch after, grabbed some Jamba Juice, roamed around and went home after.

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 presetIMG_6279.JPG

Oh! We also chased the sunset before heading home! It was beautiful. I will forever be inlove with sunrise and sunsets.


(And I just realized… Rica and I barely had photos together! Ano, napapaghalata tayo girl saan mas focused HAHAHA)


We had dinner at Figaro when we got in Batangas and called it a day after.

Today’s a really fun day and it’s one of the firsts that I will always remember. I’m happy I got to spend it with these people. To more books that are waiting to be read in the future?

Love, Amielle

Any thoughts?

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