Us The Duo: Live!

I have always been a fan of Us The Duo and I am so ecstatic when they announced that aside from their concert, they are going to have two free shows in Manila. I mean.. How could you not be a fan of this amazing couple? If you haven’t heard of them, uhm.. Why?!

free show announcement!

Grateful, I have Wel with me to watch it with. The show is in Robinsons Galleria so we left by lunch in order for us to be there on time. He also surprised me with a rose on the way. Kilig ako.

We thought we were early when we arrived but, boy, it was hard for us to get a seat already! You also have to buy their album worth P600 if you want to get inside and have a chance to get it signed after their show. One album = one person, but it was worth it.

We waited for an hour or two before they arrive, but as I always say, good things come to those who wait! Aaaaahh, my fangirl heart!! I really want to cry out of happiness that time. (I think Wel caught it on cam when I said it to him, too.)

I am just really really happy. It’s my first time to watch an international artist live, and it’s Us The Duo! Bonus pa because it’s free!

They sang most of their songs from their album, “No Matter Where You Are”, and did some covers, too. It was an hour filled with beautiful music, surrounded with people who love them as much as I do, and it’s just… amazing. It’s one of those experiences that you will never forget.

Michael and Carissa also told Wel and I how we have really nice smiles when they were about to sign our album. Wow! My heart was bursting in pure bliss. I also told Carissa to put Happy Birthday on it since it will be my birthday in five days and she did! Sadly, you can’t take a photo with them but it was okay. I met them; I even think Michael and I had some serious eye to eye moments when he was on stage (haha seriously); and they’re the best.

Wel’s one of the best. Thank you so much and I wish to have more happy days like this with you.

Love, Amielle

Any thoughts?

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