Taking this moment to say thank you to everyone who made my 2014 extra extra special. My 2014 has been one hella crazy year and I’m grateful for everyone who’s still with me right at this moment.

Cliché as it may sound, but just like everyone else’s, my past year’s full of ups and downs. Looking back, I welcomed 2014 with a broken heart, and now, I embraced 2015 with a heart filled with so much love and joy. 2014 is where I had a very unforgettable debut party (which I’m forever thankful for my parents), I gave a birthday surprise for my mom and dad, I applied for my US Work and Travel Program (which, again, big thanks to my parents for allowing me to reach my dreams) and had my US Visa, I gained new and awesome (and crazy) buddies, I realized who my true friends are, and lastly, I met someone who made me the happiest this year.

Thank you Lord God for making all these possible. I don’t know how to thank you for all these continuous blessings that you’ve been showering us. The best that I can do is pray and share all these blessings that I have. Thank You. Thank You so much. Please guide me, my family, and my loved ones, always.

I don’t know what’s in store for me this 2015; all I know is that You’re giving me what I truly deserve and I will forever be grateful for everything. Happy happy new year,  Lord God! I love you so much.

Love, Amielle

3 thoughts on “2015!

    1. Madami pa actually Ate kaso naka-private na kasi feeling ko walang kwenta. Hahahahaha. Nakakahiya nga umabot ka sa part na ‘to. Sana nag-improve naman ‘yung writings ko lately kumpara dito sa mga paluma kong post. Hahaha. Sobrang sobrang sweet mo Ate Marj! Grabe, ang tyaga mo. Huhu. Thank you haaa. Sobrang thank you talaga, Ate ko. Na-appreciate ko huhuhu 💖💖💖


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